Thursday, January 16, 2014

First step toward a children's book app

My very first animated .gif !

I've been kind of watching illustrator Will Terry's progress on creating children's book apps. Also looking around a tiny bit on Google's app creator. Tonight I searched "animation software" and discovered that the illustration software I've been using all along, GIMP, can do animated .gifs. So I watched this short tutorial on YouTube...

... and then created the swimming fish up there, modeled after Heidi Wittlinger's fish in the Nighty Night app.

I have a long way to go toward a children's book app but I'm gonna get there.


  1. Hi Cheryl, Great tip, I've been using gimp for awhile, basically for basic stuff... this little tip you've shared was excellent


    1. Thanks Olivia. My son dislikes gimp because he's only used photoshop. I dislike photoshop because I've only ever used gimp. The silly thing is their basic functions are both pretty similar.