Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Frozen Dog Treat

This is our dog Jewel with her frozen dog treat. She has thick fur and that fuzzy undercoat that needs to be brushed out in the spring. I feel so bad for her here in the Texas summers but we have tried to get her to hang out in a baby pool and she just doesn't seem to be a water-loving dog. I also trim her fur pretty short when the temp gets into the 90's each summer. Normally she has a big ruff around her neck.

I watered down a can of beef broth, about 2 cans of water to 1 can of broth. Poured it into two cereal bowls and floated a couple of Milk Bone MaroSnacks in the broth and put it in the freezer overnight.

There was also a jar of store-bought turkey gravy on the shelf that I bought cheap just before Thanksgiving last year and then didn't have the guts to serve (made good ole dependable giblet gravy instead). I watered that way down and poured it into about 4 plastic cups, floated a milk bone snack in each, and froze them as well.

Had to run a little warm water over the bottom of the bowl to get the treat to slip out.

Jewel picked up her frozen treat from the dog bowl and got comfortable with it under a tree.

We got Jewel from a rescue shelter. Her coloring looks German Shepherd but the shape of her head is definitely border collie. She is the smartest dog I've ever had. Our previous dog, Tasha, was a grumpy old fart and would turn the water bowl over every day. On purpose, it seemed. Leaving them without water the rest of the day until we got home from work. One day when I got home, I looked out the kitchen window to see if the water bowl was turned over. It was empty but had been turned right-side up. Jewel had the water hose in her mouth; she set the end of it in the bowl and then looked at it, waiting for the water to come out. I filled it up for her and then finally went to the hardware store to get a big metal "undumpable" tub for their water.

These "indestructible" rubber Kong dog toys seem like they'd be pretty good. You stuff some dog treats inside and they work to get them out. Supposed to keep them busy for a while, kind of a boredom and stress buster. One lady talked about putting treats inside, filling it the rest of the way with a mix of greek yogurt and peanut butter, then freezing it. I'm pretty sure Jewel wants one of these.

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